I got to catch up with Jackie Lee after his Concert In A Cubicle for a round of 5 questions, holiday style.

Jackie was in a town for a visit, so we had him perform for the great folks at 1st Advantage Dental in Troy. Afterwards, I got to catch up with him  to get some answers on some very important holiday questions! Check it out:

First, I was surprised Jackie did not know the bumble had his teeth removed in the Rudolph TV show. I have watched that every year since I was a kid, so maybe I am a little overly obsessed with that one. I was very happy to hear Christmas Vacation was his favorite Christmas movie!

We also learned Jackie prefers real trees but has a fake one because he is on the road, can go either way on decorations before or after Thanksgiving and his favorite Christmas tradition was opening a gift on Christmas Eve.

If you want to see Jackie's Concert In A Cubicle performance, click here.


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