There has been a lot of activity for me in Mechanicville in the last few weeks but this one, unfortunately, has nothing to do with me or my family this time. Someone has won nearly thirty-five thousand dollars on a Take 5 New York Lottery ticket at the Stewart's on Vosburgh Road in the Mechanicville-Halfmoon area.

I tend to buy New York Lottery scratch-off tickets from time to time but I never think to play Take 5. There have been a lot of Capital Region winners of the Take 5 drawing in the past few months. Just last week there was a sixty thousand dollar Take 5 winner at the Hannaford off of Wolf Road. There was a fifty-five thousand dollar Take 5 winner in Waterford in early January. Also in January, there were two, thirty thousand dollar, Take 5 winners. One was in Hartford, NY, and the other in Amsterdam. Back in June, there was a sixty-three thousand dollar winner in Rensselear.

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I guess I'm playing the wrong game because the weird thing is, is that I have been in or frequent at least three of the places where the winning tickets were sold. The latest Take 5 winner is from the Stewart's that I filled up with gas and bought a couple of scratch-offs just last week.

Congrats to the winner, They actually won $34,970.50. I just wish it was a family member or someone I knew just so I could be that much closer to the big lottery winner.

In case you are interested in playing the Take-5, the numbers are drawn from 39 numbers. The drawings take place every night at 10:30. You have a year to claim your winnings. Hopefully, one of us is next.

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