Finally! Some "real" country songs have made their way up the charts!

While I was a fan of the "party song" (don't get me wrong), I did love the original idea of "bro-country," hot male singers with rockin' country songs singing about the things they love: beer, girls, trucks, etc.

However, just like with everything else, it got carried away. Instead of party anthems, the songs became too similar to each other, the lyrics became too harsh, and frankly, the themes are now misogynistic.

So much so, that Maddie and Tae came out with a sort of novelty song that picks fun and answers all the "boys." And, the country went wild for the young duo! They are the first female duo to make it into the top-10 since 2007!

And, as the great Reba McEntire said in a recent interview:

 "Everything happens in a cycle. There was a time when contemporary music was popular, and then traditional music, and then the girls took over and now it's the boys. I think it's time for the girls to come back."


But, in my opinion, we don't have to wait for females to take over again in order to get back to the country roots that we know and love! Although, for the record, I can't wait for that to happen! #girlpower

We have three songs on the charts right now that are going to help to save country music.

Take a listen, and see if you agree!

David Nail - "Kiss You Tonight" 

It's romantic, sweet, and makes you feel things. Plus there are actual real vocals.

Lee Brice - "Drinking Class"

Yes! Thanks, Lee Brice, for representing the middle class the way country music is supposed to do. As hard-working people who are proud, kind and just want to wind down on the weekend after 40-60+ hours of real work.

Randy Houser - "Like a Cowboy"

(except the video is not awesome, cheesy and a little sexist....)

This song is a true country love song, and Randy's voice is unmatched.

If you ask me, I would have made the video about soldiers coming home to their families, and I would have dropped the freakin' booty call video and that damn washboard! C'mon, Randy! The song is killer, but the video is all wrong (except he does look hot on a horse).

Just close your eyes and listen.

I'd love your feedback!

Let me know which of these songs you like the best, or, add one to the list that I missed!

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