Break out the beach towels and bathing suits, you're just a short drive away from one of the best Summer Hot Spots! Popular travel review website TripAdvisor ranked the top 50 Summer hot spots in America.  Two Capital Region destinations made the list.  Did your favorite 518 hot spot make the list?

TripAdvisor based their top 50 survey on (among other things) popularity and average cost per person for an average one week stay.  Lake George and Lake Placid ranked #3 and #16 respectively giving the Capital Region a nice little 'win' on a list that includes Cape May, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and San Diego.

Number one on the list jumps out at me, because it was the place me and my family went multiple times when I was kid.   Wildwood Crest, baby!  Yep that's right, the good old Jersey Shore! We're talking beach life, waffle fries, boardwalk rides, cheesy slogan t-shirt guys, and "watch the tram car please!"

Happy Vacationing Y'all




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