As a sports fan you can always remember where you were when the team or player you love has the achievement that means the most to you. For me I have always been a Yankees fan. I bleed pinstripes. I sadly admit to crying over tough losses as a child and celebrating a little too hard over big wins as a adult.

The celebrate part was never more true then October 26th 1996. MY New York Yankees won the first world Series that I was old enough to remember. My roommate and I had a huge apartment and decided to have a Halloween party. We had no clue the deciding game of the World Series would be that night. We also worked with a guy that looked JUST LIKE JOE TORRE!!! True story! So here we are a huge apartment FULL of Yankees fans all ready to see the Yankees win it all, during what looking back could be the best party I've ever thrown.

The Yankees win and begin to dominate baseball for years to come! So we go on to celebrate by cheering, jumping and calling the Joe Torre look alike we worked with to thank him for managing our Yankees to the Series title. That is important because we called this man who is a Born Again Christian and had to be to work by 4:30 am. Important note the call happened around 2 am. Thank God he was a good sport! lol

Why am I telling you this? Well because a corner stone of that team. The team I tell stories about to this day is hanging it up. Andy Pettitte got SHELLED in game 1 but rebounded in game 5 outdueling John Smoltz winning 1 -0. Pettitte went on to be known as one of the "Core Four". Andy along with Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera lead my favorite team to 5 championships and tons of wins. But in all those wins none stand out more then the ones he got my team in 1996. The series was great but that whole year I watched as my favorite team played fantastic baseball and it was the most exciting season I can remember. I will miss Andy Pettitte but I am so happy to have my memories of that magical season.