Last night, a police chase started with someone reporting that a white delivery van was stolen in Kinderhook.

Police Lights

A New York State Trooper heard about the van and happened to see it. The trooper began to follow it as it was heading northbound on Route 9 in Columbia County, in an effort to get it to stop. Instead of pulling over, the driver of the van sped up in an attempt to get away from authorities.

The chase became more serious and dangerous when the speed of the vehicles got up to 80 miles per hour. The chase continued in the westbound direction of Routes 9 and 20. After that, the chase continued for a short time, into East SchodackRensselaer County, as the van turned onto Route 150, heading northbound. The chase ended in when the van crashed into the back of a New York State Police SUV.

The driver of the van, only 16-years-old, was taken into custody and charged with several felonies, and possibly more charges. According to the story from WNYT, two New York State Police vehicles were damaged, and there were no injuries reported.

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