It is going to be a big day of country music outside with 1077 'GNA on Saturday, August 15th at the Summer Picnic Concert being held at Saratoga County Fairgrounds. We're just 15 short days away from the party.A big part of an awesome outdoor concert is eating and drinking. We'll have plenty of food vendors and lots of places to get an ice cold Blue Light for sure. I have already started planning out my food and drink schedule for the show.. LOL! It will go something like this:

3:15 Cheesburger and a beer
4:00 More beer
5:30 Sauage and Peppers and .. yes, another beer
6:30 A bottle of ice cold water
7:30 One more beer and if I have room a hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard
8:30 Tums! Haha!


Tickets for the GNA Summer Picnic are just $20 now, and you can buy yours here. Enjoy a great day of country music with Skeeter Creek, Greg Bates, Jason Michael Carroll and Chris Cagle.