Participating in his fourth Olympics, Troy Dumais is still in search of his first Olympic medal. The 32-year-old Dumais has been a member of the National Team every year since 1996.

A 35-time national champion, Dumais will compete at the London Games with partner Kristian Ipsen as the US representatives in the men’s 3-meter springboard synchronized diving event. The duo won the silver medal at the 2009 FINA world championships.

Dumais and former Olympic star Greg Louganis are the only American men to qualify for four U.S. diving teams. Though Dumais is still a skilled three-meter springboard diver, the synchronized event gives him his best shot at the elusive Olympic medal he’s been chasing since the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Here are 10 things you may not have known about Troy Dumais:

Fast Facts About Troy Dumais

Troy Dumais

Troy Dumais was born in Ventura, California on January 21, 1980 to Marc and Kathleen Dumais. He has three brothers — Justin, Brice and Dwight — and one sister, Leanne.

Dumais attended the University of Texas and graduated with a degree in exercise science in 2006. He still lives in Ventura when he is not traveling the world for diving competitions.

Dumais has won five world championship medals and qualified for the 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic diving teams.

Dumais is five feet-six inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. His Facebook page has more than 1,400 likes.

He Is A Versatile Diver

Troy Dumais

Dumais has participated in international competitions since 1998. In addition to the 3-meter springboard synchronized diving event, which is his current Olympic event, Dumais has competed in the 1-meter, the 3-meter and the platform diving events.

Dumais has already won silver medals in the synchronized 3-meter at the 2010 World Cup. He was the silver medalist on synchronized three-meter and the three-meter dives at the 2009 World Championships, and he was a silver and bronze medalist at both the 2006 World Cup and the 2005 World Championships.

He Has been Diving for Nearly Three Decades

Troy Dumais Duo

Entering his first competition at age 4, Dumais has been diving for nearly 30 years, training eight hours a day to keep his form sharp. At 32, he is even more diligent about not missing any training time.

“When I take a break for a week, it takes me three weeks to get back to where I was,” he said.

Dumais trains with his diving partner Kristian Ipsen.

He Comes From A Diving Family


While in high school, Troy was named Southern Pacific Association Diver of the Year in his class. All of Dumais brothers and his sister have been awarded the same honor.

Justin Dumais was Troy’s partner on the 2004 Olympic team. Troy and Justin placed sixth in the men’s three-meter synchronized springboard in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. Dwight and Justin Dumais competed in the men’s three-meter synchronized diving event at the 2011 US National Championships.

He Never Asked His Parents For Money

Troy Dumais

With so many divers in the Dumais family, Troy learned to be self-reliant rather than leaning on his parents.

“I didn’t accept any money from my family for college. … Maybe that was being bull-headed, but it taught me crucial lessons,” he said.

However, Marc and Kathleen Dumais have always been incredibly supportive, especially when the grind of training for the Olympics began to wear on their son.

“My parents could care less if I went to another Olympics,” he said. “We prefer to not even talk about diving. The problem is our whole life has been diving.”

He Dreams About Motorcycles

Troy Dumais

Dumais is a world class athlete and loves to compete in other sports besides diving. Other than training as a diver, Dumais has played baseball, basketball, football, tennis and hockey.

He also enjoys listening to music, watching movies and driving cars. His lifelong dream is to ride motorcycles up the East Coast with his mom and dad.

He Was Inspired by Greg Louganis

Dumais has said that he is often inspired by legendary American diver Greg Louganis, especially the incident at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, when Louganis rallied to win gold after hitting his head on the board during a dive.

He Can Make History

Troy Dumais London

While Dumais and Greg Louganis are the only American men ever to qualify for four Olympic diving teams, Dumais will be the first American man to actually dive in four Games. Louganis qualified for the 1980 US team that did not attend the Summer Olympics in Moscow due to the U.S. boycott over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

If Dumais and Ipsen can finish in the top three, they’ll become the first US diving medalists since 2000.

He Helps Younger Divers

Troy Dumais

Dumais uses his experiences to help other divers. He has volunteered at diving clubs and assisted other divers who train in Austin, Texas, including include aspiring diving hopefuls like Kassidy Cook, Amanda Largent, Dean Frias, Bradley Christensen and others.

He Has Another Career Lined Up

Troy Dumais - tuck

Once he finally retires from diving, which could be after the London Games, Dumais plans to become a physical therapist. His degree in exercise science from the University of Texas will help his next career path, as will being able to mention having been on four Olympic teams.

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