In recent months gas prices have been coming down, and now a bunch of stations in the Capital Region are under $3 a gallon.

The crazy thing is how much gas can vary from town to town. I still see a lot of stations in that $3.30 range, yet many in the Capital Region have dropped below $3. That seems to be the point at which gas finally FEELS like it is getting cheaper. It has been a while since we have consistently seen prices below that $3 mark.

Where To Find Gas In the Capital Region Below $3 Per Gallon

So if you are trying to find some ways to save as much money as possible in the new year, you can use Gas Buddy to help you find the cheapest gas wherever you travel. Spotters are always reporting gas prices on the app to help you find the cheapest gas possible.

To give you a head start, here are the 10 Capital Region gas stations right now the cheapest gas, all under $3 per gallon!

The 10 Cheapest Gas Stations In The Capital Region Now Under $3/Gallon

As we head into the New Year, many of us have better budgeting and saving money on the top of our minds. Well, a little good news: gas prices continue to drop which will help provide a little relief in your monthly budget line for fuel. Gas prices have been slowly coming down of late and dropped to an average of $3.06 a gallon nationwide according to Gas Buddy, A bunch here in the Capital Region are now under $3.

Here are the 10 Capital Region gas stations with the lowest prices for a gallon of regular gas as of Tuesday, January 2, 2024 (All under $3), according to Gas Buddy. These prices are a moving target so keep checking Gas Buddy for updates!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff


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