A month ago, or so I participated in the JDRF Walk for type 1 diabetes in support of my little bff, Grayson. He was diagnosed at just 13 months and has been struggling daily with his levels as he learns the ins and outs of T1D before he can say more than a handful of words.

The most beautiful thing to know is that little Grayson has been moved up on the list to get a Diabetic Alert Dog (aka DAD - but still a dog, his real Daddy is an animal though, in the best of ways.) The downfall is the cost that comes along with getting this dog.

From what I've learned, at Graysons young age and being unable to communicate when he's not feeling well, the dog even if only it's first day with him will bark and howl and communicate for him when his glucose levels are off. Think of how incredibly helpful and life saving that can be for not only Grayson but his parents who are worried around the clock.

How can you help? Visit HERE and share this with your friends. You're not just helping someone, you're helping out a child who has only just begun his little life.