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Steve Jobs Biography Coming Soon
Though numerous writers have tried writing unauthorized versions of Steve Jobs' biography, the first ever authorized rendition of his life will be on store shelves next year.
Forbes’ Billionaire List 2011
Forbes Magazine announced 2011's richest people in the world.  This year is also the 25th anniversary of Forbes' Billionaire List.  You will find the new list includes many names popular in the tech world and in entertainment.  Some of…
Cowboys Like Technology! I Have Proof! (AUDIO)
I've been lucky enough to have been at WGNA for--can it really be?- 23 years now.  And I can remember distinctly being told not to talk too much about technology on our show because "country people don't have computers".  Holy Crapola, Batman!
I Want An Ipad 2, But Not A Fake One
UPDATE: The dreaded Ipad--it's causing alot of tension in my marriage.  I want one, Dorrie...very badly.  And the new one is being announced supposedly Wednesday, March 2nd.  Oh boy, oh boy!!!   Addiction.  It's a terrible thing.  But I'm kind o…
Apple’s Steve Jobs May Be Done
Apple and Disney CEO Steve Jobs has announced an indefinite leave of absence due to medical issues. The man who made the Mac, IPhone,Ipod,Ipad and much more part of our culture may be the most talented CEO in the world. MSN has more on this story.

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