Are you an Applenista?  I made up the term, but it might apply.  I'm not pushing any one product here, but I do have to say that their gadgets are revolutionary.  Will this one be any exception? Make way for the iPhone 5:

According to this announcement has been a pretty badly kept secret.  The prototype was once again left in a bar somewhere.  (I'm personally a little bit skeptical- I think it's done purposely to create talk, but that's just me) .  But be that as it may, the new one will have some improvements to be sure.  According to the article:

It will be "skinnier, shorter and wider" than before, according to Gizmodo, which is basing these assumptions on supposed leaked cases for the phone and on "informed renderings."-- PC World (irony noted) expects the iPad's faster processor to squeeze its way into the iPhone.- The phone will have a "teardrop" back, meaning it's fatter at the top than the bottom, according to the blog This is My Next. The iPhone 4 is flat on both sides.

We'll find out today if any of these rumors are true or not, but if so, it's lookin' good (Dorrie, are you reading this?  There's a birthday coming up! -unfortunately it's yours, not mine! LOL)

This time I'm saying to myself "I'm not gonna bite into the Apple again for awhile"  but I always get sucked in.  I guess it's part of my I-Life!



So here's my question:  Are you the type that has to have the newest, latest and greatest cellphone, or do you just settle for the trusty old flip phone with the food particles and lint on it from your pocket?   I definitely am more of the former variety, I must admit, but would love to hear from you.  Leave your  comments below!