UPDATE: The dreaded Ipad--it's causing alot of tension in my marriage.  I want one, Dorrie...very badly.  And the new one is being announced supposedly Wednesday, March 2nd.  Oh boy, oh boy!!!   Addiction.  It's a terrible thing.  But I'm kind of funny about it.   When I finally buy one, I would like that new Ipad smell when I open the box.  Not the smell of cardboard.

But I guess nothing in life  is guaranteed--.  Scammers can found in the weirdest places.  Even at the Walmarts.   "So a guy walks into the Walmart......and  according to padgadget.com (my favorite geeky website), poor Ken Lamal was ripped off.   He bought an Ipad, got it home, opened the box, and ..low and behold.. it was the fake cardboard display model!  Complete with the fake screen and no "guts".  Nothing in it!!!  Padgadget elaborates:

Lemal is the victim of an increasingly popular fraud called “brick in the box return,” where someone bought a real iPad, then switched in a fake and returned it for cash. Of course, since Walmart will not refund his purchase, Lemal is taking the retailer to court.

How bad do I feel for this guy?  And what a simple scam.  How did any of us escape this before.  The ultimate "bait and switcheroo"!!

Walmart said they wouldn't take it back.  Now before you blast Walmart, you have to give them the benefit of the doubt here.  How do you know the guy who brought it back didn't do the switcheroo?  Many times these stores have a "no questions asked" return policy, which to me is too much the other way.  How could you not interrogate the person to make sure the store isn't getting stuck with the Bad-Ipad?

Who knows how this will end.  But it makes you definitely want to heed some advice given in the article--make them take your merchandise out of the box and hold it in your hands.  If there are no buttons on it, it's very very very light, and when you push your finger on one of the app icons your finger causes the screen to buckle...THAT'S NOT GOOD!!!