Is This ‘Kitchen’ Billboard Offensive to You? [Poll]
Today on the show, Bethany and I went back and forth on this billboard issue. If you have not yet heard about it, Teakwood Builders recently put up a billboard on Route 9 showing a new kitchen with the words "your wife wants me." There are some who find it to be very sexist and oth…
Occupy Oakland Protest Gets Ugly [VIDEO]
It's funny.  I don't hear too many people talking about the Occupy Albany protesters downtown.  In one way, I'm glad, because at least things haven't gotten out of hand and no one's gotten hurt(yet!).  On the other hand, I feel bad for them that all that effor…
Egypt Could Cause Gas Prices to Go Up
Just when I heard hope of gas prices going down, word on the street is that the havoc that's broken loose in Egypt,  could cause the price of gas to go even higher.