The Occupy Albany folks will be back in Academy Park, across from city hall. I had some information last year about the beginning of the first Occupy Albany.

In a story that I saw on YNN, this group of protestors are planning some rallies and demonstrations to coincide with other nationwide demonstrations on May 1, ‘International Workers' Day’, also called ‘May Day.’ ‘May Day’ actually goes back to the 1880s as part of a battle to make a normal work day, an eight hour day.

I also saw something in the Times Union about the difference with the protest this time, the Albany Police will be reinforcing the Academy Park curfew which is 11:00 p.m. They will not be able to camp out.

The Occupy Albany movement was a fairly quiet protest, last year, until the city made the protestors leave the park, back in December. I love to see everyone’s opinion about the Occupy Movement.