Today on the show, Bethany and I went back and forth on this billboard issue. If you have not yet heard about it, Teakwood Builders recently put up a billboard on Route 9 showing a new kitchen with the words "your wife wants me." There are some who find it to be very sexist and others that just think it's fun.

Photo: Ben Phillips

Personally, I fall into the fun category. While I understand the idea that it could be taken as misogynist or sexist (it could imply, after all, that a woman needs a man to get her a dream kitchen), I took it as it would be said from another guy, "Your wife wants me," but it's a kitchen. What guy can compete with a new kitchen?

I could be completely wrong here though, as there are many who do indeed think it is sexist and would love for it to be taken down. The question I have is WHAT DO YOU THINK?