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News Of The Week Rhymed! [AUDIO]
Casey Danton, our illustrious newsperson is one busy lady.  Trying to compile all of goings on is a tough job. She can't possibly cover all of the stories that come across her desk (plus there's no room for them with all those shoe boxes in the way from her latest shopping trip)...
Apple’s Steve Jobs May Be Done
Apple and Disney CEO Steve Jobs has announced an indefinite leave of absence due to medical issues. The man who made the Mac, IPhone,Ipod,Ipad and much more part of our culture may be the most talented CEO in the world. MSN has more on this story.
Packages Ignite In Maryland
On this day that the federal government announced that it is cutting back on the defense budgets and shrinking the size of our Armed services in America 2 packages that were delivered ignited in Maryland.