Two elementary school girls were hospitalized on Tuesday for severe sunburns that they got while on a school field trip. The girl's class at Point Defiance Elementary School, in Tacoma Washington, spent most of the day outside on Tuesday and were not allowed to wear sunscreen. The girls were  unprotected from the sun because their moms sent them to school with sunscreen in their bags instead of applying it while at home. The School's policy said that teachers cannot apply sunscreen to students, and students cannot apply it to themselves unless they have a doctors note.

Here is the picture of the girls from

The girls were burned so badly on their face and arms that they had to be hospitalized and take the next day off from school. One of the girls actually had a form of albinism that the school was aware of.

Why would any school require a doctors note to put on sunscreen?? The policy is based on a state wide law that is supposed to prevent the spread of allergies in sunscreen. Requiring a doctors note to apply sunscreen just seems impractical. Remember to put sunscreen on your own kids!