Casey Danton, our illustrious newsperson is one busy lady.  Trying to compile all of goings on is a tough job. She can't possibly cover all of the stories that come across her desk (plus there's no room for them with all those shoe boxes in the way from her latest shopping trip).  So on Friday I try to help out by compiling the news in song


Boy it was a busy week.  Everything from Casey Anthony announcing that she was moving to Mexico..


and Netflix losing their shirt with subscribers bailing out...


 Brad Pitt talking smack about former wife Jennifer Anniston.  It made for an interesting week for sure.  Then there was also the talk about the NFL requesting full body scans for all spectators to enhance fan safety.  They want people patted down from the ankles up!  What is this world coming to?

Well, that made for a good starting point, and as I was writing all of these facts down, we were playing "Watching You" by Rodney Atkins", so in the interest of time, I just decided to start changing the words!  For better or worse, here was the result, sung live on the air.

Well, off to a new week.  Hope the news is good (with easy words to rhyme!)