Common Core

Say Goodbye to Common Core
After five years of Common Core, the Board of Regents have heard the complaints and has decided that it needs some updating. They have met, discussed, and finally agreed on a new learning path and they're now calling it the Next Generation Learning Standards.
Indiana Becomes First State to Back Out of Common Core
Indiana is the first state to withdraw from the Common Core reading and math standards that were adopted by most states around the country.
A bill was passed Monday pulling Indiana from the program.
Indiana Legislators approved earlier measures requiring the State Board of Education to draft new stand…
Common Core Standards for Dummies
Ok, I think it's time to get to the bottom of this debate... if that's even possible.
It seems like all I ever hear about on the news or on the street or on the air, is "Common Core this and Common Core that"!  Students seem to be struggling, parents are mad, and teac…