Ok, I think it's time to get to the bottom of this debate... if that's even possible.

It seems like all I ever hear about on the news or on the street or on the air, is "Common Core this and Common Core that"!  Students seem to be struggling, parents are mad, and teachers are divided.

And, while I'm no expert on this, or anything, really!  I'm gonna try to put together some resources so that we can all get educated about what Common Core really is, and how we really feel about it!

Fact: The United States places 17th in the developed world for education, according to the most recent data.

I feel like we need to do something quickly!  Our children need the skills and tools to compete in the international world that they'll surely grow up in.

I think the basis behind the Common Core Standards is really trying to get students to think about ways to solve problems, and to be able to talk about those problems, and their solutions.  If we all did a little more of that, I think we might be in better shape!

But, do schools and teachers have all of the resources they need to pull this off?  And does this really solve the inequality issues?  Are the "poor" schools going to be able the complete with the "rich" schools?  Or will the rift get bigger?

These ways of thinking are different than what we grew up with, I know.  My own kid's homework sometimes looks like it's a different language, but if it's going to make her a better reader, thinker, and problem solver, I think I'm in.

Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

I know that it's a difficult to change, but maybe this is a change we can get behind?  I'm not sure yet?  What are some of your reservations?

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