I think I'm in trouble. An elementary school teacher from the Yates Magnet School in Schenectady is very perturbed over an Anti Common Core song I wrote awhile back.  I will replay that one here and then Rachel Rourke's response (with the help of her students!) 

I guess I've learned the hard way -not every educator is against the new Common Core Standards.  I guess one should never assume until you hear all points of view.  So to be fair here, we present our little version of "point/counterpoint"

First, I will repay my  "Cure For The Common Core", written to criticize this new directive.

OK folks. Now for the opposing point of view, here's Mrs. Rourke along with her very talented students from Yates.    This is entitled "Common Core Hip"

There you have it. Great job, Mrs. Rourke (and kids!)  Which side do YOU fall on here?  Would love to know! Leave your comments in the comment section