This was a thrill to do - I got to perform a song right inside the Legislative Office Building at the NYS Capitol.  I hope that it helped the cause in some way

This was part of Common Sense Education Lobby Day, a protest of sorts against the Common Core state standards.  Now although I was not allowed  (by some strange security rules)  to bring my keyboard into the L.O.B. without special clearance, I decided to do the song that I wrote (Cure For The Common Core) in an ACAPELLA version.

However, I like playing with my toys, so I went back into my studio and put music to it AFTER the fact -so that's what you're hearing.

I would like to thank all the folks in the audience who participated in singing along with the chorus.  Also special thanks to Jean Lafalce for her assistance in at least ATTEMPTING to get my equipment in.

It really was a kick to have a chance to do this in the first place.  It was actually on my bucket list!