So you say you are a football fan?  Are you that much of a fan that you would pay these kind of prices? According to, you better think twice before jumping in the car. NFL prices are up 3%, which doesn't sound like much, but if you add parking and certain refreshments (wink wink, nudge, nudge)... well, you know how that can add up quickly, depending on what team you go to see.

According to the article:

The cost of a day at the stadium can vary widely across the country, from more than $300 for two Dallas Cowboy fans to less than $150 for a couple of Cleveland Browns fans. For the Cowboys fans, a big chunk of the expense is parking, at $75.


It's unfortunate, because it's ruining the experience of seeing a game live. You are forced to stay home and watch it on TV. Speaking of TV, this came from ESPN on the subject.

How do YOU feel?  Will you continue to go to the games despite the prices, or will you just huddle around your 50" Samsung,  crack open a cold one and stay home?  Would love to know.