Broadalbin Man ‘Punished’ In Public After Football Bet (VIDEO)
I've been in fantasy football leagues for years and the simple disappointment of finishing near or at the bottom of the standings was enough shame to deal with. But of all of the outrageous ideas and pranks my friends have attempted to pull off over the years, luckily for me, I've never lost a bet t…
Giants Fire Coach; Owner Furious About Eli Benching
Remember when people were talking about the the Giants as a possible Super Bowl contender? My how the mighty have fallen.  An underachieving team, lack of discipline, and the benching of Eli Manning all led to the firing this morning of New York Giants head coach Bob McAdoo.
Info On Jobs With Albany Arena Football Team
Know of any high caliber football players that would love a chance to play professionally?  While many local athletes are waiting for an opportunity try out for the Albany Arena Football team (the team hasn't disclosed info for open tryouts yet)  multiple jobs do await.  I love w…
15 Dysfunctional Things Guaranteed At My Thanksgiving
When my family gets together for Thanksgiving, it's usually a s**t show and I love it.  That's what makes us truly, well...special.  Maybe your family does some of the same dysfunctional things mine does, but I doubt it. Enjoy
Thanksgiving Dinner, Bring Cash!
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is serious work, I don't even cook it and my anxiety is already kicking in!  It's time consuming, expensive and exhausting. Imagine charging your family $30 a plate to show up and eat turkey.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, would you pay $3…
Nisky HS Football Players Kneel During Anthem [PHOTO]
What started as one NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, "taking a knee" during the National Anthem just over a year ago, has turned into a widespread, polarizing issue that has melded the world of politics, sports, social injustices, and civil rights.  It had yet to trickle down into the world o…
Another Mechanicville Native Makes Us Proud [PHOTO]
I grew up in Mechanicville, a small town with a ton of pride. Anytime someone does well from Mechanicville, I like to highlight them and hope they get the recognition they deserve. This time, it's a linebacker for the UAlbany Great Danes.
10 Year Old Video Of Sam Hunt As College QB (Video)
Former UAB quarterback and current country music star Sam Hunt will put on a free concert in Birmingham leading into the return of UAB football. Hunt, as many of you know, played big time college football at the University of Alabama Birmingham. Check out this video highlight package of Hunt, the QB…
Update on Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons Field House [PHOTO]
They say that your time in high school is considered to be some of the best years of your life and I was lucky enough to spend mine at Notre Dame- Bishop Gibbons in Schenectady (Class of 2006). I was crushed to find out that someone came to my school and set the field house on fire but luckily …

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