Easily Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Funds
On Easter Sunday, a very kind family member informed me that she used my name to do a little research. It's kind of her hobby to search people's names to seek out any 'unclaimed funds'.  She informed me that she entered my name to see if I had any lost riches, and it turns out, I have a couple of ch…
These Coins Could Be Worth Thousands
Time to check between your seats in your car and your couch cushions because these coins are selling for big bucks. They are rare but if you have them, you could be cashing in.
How Much Should The Tooth Fairy Leave?
Yesterday was National Tooth Fairy Day and it got me thinking, what does the Tooth Fairy leave for the little ones? I know in our house, Ryan has gotten treated pretty well from her. How much is the Tooth Fairy leaving?
A Week In Albany, NY, On A $69,000 Salary
Whenever I see National websites mention one of the cities in the Capital Region, I have to click on it. This one was interesting and took someone with a $69,000 salary and figured out how they'd spend it in Albany.
How Much Do You Spend On Your Pets At Christmas?
Christmas is the season of giving and that means all of the family members including our pets. Some of us spend a lot and others not so much. But a survey shows that 95% of pet owners will buy their furry friend a gift. How much will you spend on them?
Rebuild Cohoes Relief Effort TODAY
Today (Monday December 4th) we are spending the entire day collecting monetary donations and goods for the victims of the devastating fire that ripped through downtown Cohoes. Here's how you can be a part of it.

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