This could actually happen at the major movie theaters if they all jump on board.  Boy, I hope so, don't you? Cheaper movie prices?  Bring it on! 

This is pretty cool.. According to a story at,  theatre revenues are suffering a bit.  They only sold 1.34 billion tickets!  Poor industry!  But seriously, I guess they are trying an interesting marketing campaign.

One day a week (maybe on an "off" day) they are thinking of discounting prices.  How much?  We don't know.  you can check out the link for the full story.

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Question Would this change your movie going habits?  Would you go on a Wednesday instead of a Saturday to save money?  Would love to find out.  Leave your comments below.  We might make it a subject on the show on Monday possibly!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch a movie right now at a place where it's cheap all the time.  It's called Netflix.