Has something ever happened to you on vacation that would have beena  total disaster if not for fast thinking strangers?    Let me try to explain our tale of woe in rhyme.  (This is how I humor myself in times of despair)  

Here is the story in rhyme.  The lyrics are included below if you'd like to follow.

                                                                                mp3 version

We took a hiatus and went to Barbados

With good friends Kelly and Glenn

With their parents and kids- here's one thing we did

We went sailing on a catamaran

We sat on the bow. The scenery- WOW- enjoying our share of rum punch

Excitement ensued and it also included a nice complementary lunch

Outside of each other all that we had was my favorite camera and pretty beach bag,

Then all of a sudden. We said "oh brother  The wind blew something right into de water!"

What could be missing?  What could be gone?

Ahh,  only the bag, not my Nikon

What is in there?  Lets think for a minute

Til Dorrie screamed Dorrie:  " Our passports are in it!!!"

We yelled to the shipmates. What do we do?

I screamed out every profane word i knew

El Capitan then did something profound

Adjusted the sails and the boat turned around

"It's gone its gone!!

The thing must have sunk"

Oh no its still floating. Who woulda thunk?

The crew grabbed a pole and dragged the thing in

And here's where the true excitement begins

Kelly snagged the thing

Looked all around

On the deck she then turned the bag upside down

First a gallon of water - oh my stomach felt rotten

The passports were in there-  stuck to the bottom (actually the top because it's upside down)

A tear formed suddenly in my right eye

They were in a ziplock bag and totally dry

The passengers cheered- dilemma is done

We then filled our glasses with no punch- just rum

Though my favorite beach towel  unfortunately

That's still at the bottom of  the Caribbean Sea

That's what happened to Dorrie and me

(Anything bad like this ever happen to you, mon?)