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The Will You? Ring! Will You Say Yes?
Not sure she will say "Yes" if you propose? Well, The Will You? Ring is the ring for you! Well, actually its more of a ring so you can propose then get her the right ring, the one she really wants.
Frozen Boozy Adult Treats [PIC]
There's another way for adults to cool off on a hot summer day. This frozen treat is available, if your are of age, that is not only is it refreshing, but you can enjoy a little frozen alcohol too.
Free Tacos Wednesday Afternoon
If you were watching the NBA finals for a different reason other than cheering on your favorite team, your wish came true. The road team won and now we all get free tacos. Here's how.
Official WGNA Countryfest Starter Pack (Image)
We are less than one month away from Countryfest 2018 and whether you're a seasoned c-fest pro or a newbie to the show, you're in for a real treat on Saturday July 7th.  Take a look at our 'Countryfest 2018 Starter Pack' , share it with your friends and feel free to add some…
BOGO Video Games At Target
If you are a gamer, or know someone who is, you know that video games are not cheap. Here's something that can not only help out those who love to play, but also parents who want to keep their kids busy. All this week at Target, select titles of video games are buy one get one free!
Hey Classic Gamers! NES Coming Back
Nintendo announced that they will be bringing back their classic NES system for a limited time. The coolest thing is that it's affordable and it comes with a ton of classic games. But it's only available for a short time.
The 6 Commandments Of Mother’s Day
First and foremost; shout out to the moms (especially Mama Codes) who we love very very much. This isn't about you, per se. This is about the marketing and imagery that makes us feel the need to outdo one another when it comes to honoring and celebrating the woman who gave us life. Here are The 6 Co…

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