I've watched it several times.  I don't think it's insulting, but found this on a photography blog (of all places), and they mocked it big time.  I invite you to  watch it below and then you be the judge!

Somehow, somewhere I signed up for this on-line newsletter from Photography Bay.com.  I really enjoy seeing all of the new camera equipment that my wife won't let me buy.  But that's besides the point.

They have interesting articles on there too, like this one titled  "GOVERNMENT TARGETS PEOPLE TAKING PHOTOS OF PUBLIC PLACES IN AWARENESS VIDEO".

Being photographers, they are sensitive of course about the government telling us when and where they can snap away without being "profiled".  I can see that to an extent.  But then again, these are weird, dangerous times and you remain alert if/when you see something unusual.

They had this video on there, and they mocked it, calling it "cheesy" and saying basically that the audience it is aimed toward is "intelligence impaired"

It's called "Make The Call". I'm interested to see whether you feel the same. (Don't worry. They'll be no essay question at the end.)

I'm dying to hear what you think.  Is this informative? Useful? Ridiculous? Dumbed down?  Will it help raise awareness of potential threats?  Would love to see your comments.