A man that was seen allegedly going through a woman’s belongings in an office, didn’t end well for the suspect.


In the story from The Daily Gazette, this happened at the Saratoga Springs Senior Center. It was Lois Celeste’s office. She’s the senior center’s executive director. She saw a man hunched over her desk, while she was talking with someone.

When the 57-year-old man was confronted by Celeste and another employee, the man said he was looking for a bathroom. Almost immediately after that, he ran. After he left the building, Celeste and the other employee chased the man, which ended at the Holiday Inn - Saratoga Springs.

The man ended up running into about 100 police officers at a conference for the Department Of Homeland Security. An Albany Police officer, not in uniform, helped Celeste and the other senior center worker catch the robbery suspect. The man, Robert D. Horton from Troy, was then taken into custody by a couple of Saratoga Springs Police officers that were also attending the conference.