We’ve all heard the phrase “better safe than sorry”.


Now there’s a way that you can really live by that phrase. With all of the strange things that have been happening in the Albany area and surrounding communities, and with the wild weather alone, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that you are ready for almost anything.

In a story from WNYT, there was a class to train the public about how to prepare for things like floods, hurricanes, explosions and other disasters.

The ‘Preparedness Corps’ was run by the National Guard and the Division Of Homeland Security, for two hour sessions, to give citizens whatever information about what they may need to do, and resources, to better prepare for catastrophes, and how they can also help their neighbors.

There’s also been a Skilled Volunteer Registry list, that’s been set up by New York State to match up New Yorkers skills with whatever disaster may be taking place. There’s a website that has been set up for anyone that would like to sign up for training.