You know those fruit roll-ups that you buy for kids?  Do these products ease your mind as an adult-thinking that the little ones are getting their supply of vitamin C as if they were actual fruit?  Well their advertising might lead you to believe that, but some are alleging that it's-well-B.S.!

According to an article on, there's some strong skepticism on the part of some consumer advocacy groups about these kind of products.  Again, these are only allegations, but I thought you should know!    According to CSPI, a health advocacy organization, Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit By The Foot, and Fruit Gushers that supposedly have no added sugar, are healthy and nutritious...

.... contained trans fat, added sugars, and artificial food dyes; lacked significant amounts of real, natural fruit; and had no dietary fiber. Thus, although the Products were marketed as being healthful and nutritious for children and adults alike, selling these Fruit Snacks was little better than giving candy to children," the complaint reads.

Well, nothing's been proven yet, so let's not slam those roll-ups yet.  But it does make you wonder how we all seem to buy into these slickly produced commercials and their claims?  There's one smart woman out there, however who decided that she was going to make her own, in case you are interested!


Well, that's one way to guarantee that your kids are  getting their nutrients.  As if you have that kind of time, right?   What products are YOU skeptical of?  Would love to know below!