In Boise, Idaho, there are five inmates who claim they wouldn’t be in jail if it weren’t for the booze companies.  These inmates are in jail for crimes that range from selling drugs to committing murder – and fully believe that companies like Miller Brewing and Anheuser-Busch, as well as wine makers, should have warned them that their beverages would be so addictive so they wouldn't end up in jail.

The men do not currently have a lawyer, but are seeking a billion dollars in damages and asking that warning labels get placed on all alcoholic beverages.

I think this whole thing is just a great example of what is so wrong with this country today. People just don't take personal responsibility for their choices anymore. It's never their fault, they had a tough childhood, they have a disease, they are being influenced by ads, or movies, t.v. and video games. Hey! We ALL live in the same world and watch these same ads and play the same video games, the difference is, we know the difference between right and wrong, and more so, Care about the difference.

Man up losers, YOU are the problem, and until you realize that the problem will never go away.