GNA’s Valentine Dinner Reservation Prank (AUDIO)
This is the prank call Brian and Chrissy (AKA The Phone Frauds) made to a man named Chris from Saratoga Springs. Pretending to be the manager of the restaurant the couple had reservations for on Valentine's Day, Brian informed the man of multiple changes made to his romantic dinner. Turns out, his c…
Oreo Sweepstakes: Win A Jeep
As if we need another reason to pick up Oreos. They have given us so many new flavors and the new Most Stuf which I love. Now you have a chance to win a Jeep and other cool stuff.
I Hate To Admit These Cauliflower Wings Look Awesome (Video)
I love chicken wings.  It's probably my go-to comfort food when I'm having a rough day and it's 100% my go-to when I'm watching an exciting sporting event.  Never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider swapping out chicken for *gasp* cauliflower, but these crispy li…

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