Lets be honest, it isn't just the amazing athleticism involved in women's gymnastics that makes it such a hugely popular Olympic event.  Many of the athletes are attractive and that helps the women of America convince their boyfriends and husbands to watch.

There are some that would say that Shawn Johnson could be rated very high on most lists.

And after doing a little bit of research for the sake of this article, I have learned that Alicia Sacramone makes it to the top of most people's list of all time hottest gymnasts.

Sure, I can kinda see it bit neither of these women can compete with my favorite. The was just something special about, "Paula" Hunt. Maybe the gracefulness, maybe the sheer strength... what's that? You never heard of "Paula" ?

Well maybe it ages me a little but she was a bit of a star way back in the 80's. You can still find some great footage of her routines on the balance beam, floor exercise and more on line on the YouTube. My favorite routine though is how she handled the uneven parallel bars. I have done the work for you and found an old copy of the amazing "Paula" have a look and maybe you too will see that this girl should have totally topped everyone's list of "Hottest Gymnast Ever".