7 Sexy Things Guys Do Without Realizing It
Boys, I'll be you didn't even know that things that you do everyday are actually kinda sexy.
Who knew that simply making good eye contact with a chick could turn her on!
Here are seven everyday things I'll be you didn't even realize were sexy -
-Rolling up your sleeves
-Scratching your beard
-Deep leanin…
10 Body Parts Women Hate and 5 They Kinda Like
Do you ever see a woman walking down the street, or shopping at the mall or sun bathing and think to your self, "She's so perfect, I'll bet she can wear whatever she wants."
Oh, come on, I know I'm not the only one who thinks that!
It turns out that all women have tons…
10 Sexiest Female Country Stars of 2012
Who is the sexiest woman in country music? You’ll have to decide that for yourself after checking out 10 frontrunners for the 2012 title. Note that these women aren’t listed in any particular order, as all are capable of leaving a man with Looney Tunes eyes bulging ou…
Who is The Hottest Gymnast Of All Time?
Lets be honest, it isn't just the amazing athleticism involved in women's gymnastics that makes it such a hugely popular Olympic event.  Many of the athletes are attractive and that helps the women of America convince their boyfriends …