An 18-year-old teen from Brant Lake allegedly tried to pull someone over in Warren County.


A person in another vehicle thought that the driver of the truck was an officer, so he pulled over because he allegedly had red and blue emergency lights in the windshield of the truck.

In the story from News 10 ABC, when the person pulled over, the truck took off. The person that was pulled over decided to follow the truck. That search ended at the Chestertown Stewart’s Shop. Authorities were contacted with a description of the truck and what allegedly happened.

That led to the arrest of Tyler Eves, by the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. He’s been charged with Criminal Impersonation. It’s also believed that Eves may have allegedly stopped another person. The Warren County Sheriff's Department and New York State Police would like to know if anyone else was allegedly stopped by Eves, and to contact them.

A few weeks ago, I had a story about another man was arrested for impersonating a Deputy U.S. Marshall. Last week, I told you about another man that allegedly said that he was a New York State Trooper o a couple of other troopers.