Colorado Accused Killer: ‘My Wife Strangled The Kids’
The very sad and tragic story of the pregnant mom and her two little girls who were murdered last week by accused killer Christopher Watts has taken an interesting turn.  One that surely few people are apt to believe, and most certainly, don't want to.  The accused killer - 33 year old Christopher W…
Make $40/Hour To Write Offensive Jokes
Chances are that you have played this popular card game. If you ever said to yourself, "I could have come up with better ones.", well now is your chance to show your skills and get paid to do it.
Broadalbin Man ‘Punished’ In Public After Football Bet (VIDEO)
I've been in fantasy football leagues for years and the simple disappointment of finishing near or at the bottom of the standings was enough shame to deal with. But of all of the outrageous ideas and pranks my friends have attempted to pull off over the years, luckily for me, I've never lost a bet t…
Your Hair Dryer May Explode
There is a major recall for a certain brand of hair dryer. This brand could overheat or even worse, explode. Here is the information so that you can check if your hair dryer is a hazard.
Mom Tells GNA About Daughter’s Heart Of Gold (Audio)
Luke Bryan believes most people are good, and who are we to argue? Amazing stories of generosity and selflessness have been pouring in as proof, and every morning this week we're reading emails sent in by listeners describing a person who is simply 'doing good'.
New York Jell-O Family Reveals Dark Secrets in New Book
Did you know that Jell-O was founded in New York State? You'd think it may be cool to be from a family that created so many great memories for so many children but a new book released details some pretty dark secrets in the family.

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