A 74-year-old man from Schaghticoke was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly went into a woman’s home.


Authorities received a call about someone being inside a home in Schaghticoke that was not supposed to be there. When the police got to the scene, the elderly homeowner told them that the man, Edward J. Zierak surprised her when he allegedly walked in to her home. After she screamed, she then told him to get out and leave.

Police took the victim’s statement and then went to Zierak’s home. That’s when they arrested him. According to the story from News 10 ABC, authorities were told by Zierak “just wanted a hug and a kiss.” The police took Zierak in for processing and brought to the New York State Police barracks.

He went to the Town Of Schaghticoke Court for his arraignment. Zierak was also issued an Order Of Protection by the court to stay away from the woman.