No, not the animals that run at Saratoga - the BAND! We are featuring them and many others at this year's Countryfest 2015  I didn't know a lot about them myself, so I'm doing this for all of our benefit!  Let's see what we can find out about 1000 Horses.

Fact 1: One of the guitar player/vocalists is named Zach Brown (I kid you not)

from WGNA website

Fact 2 : They set a record for the highest debut by a new act. ( they opened at #28 on the Country Aircheck charts, (See?  We don't book these bands for no reason!)

Fact 3: Rolling Stone Magazine labeled them the best up and comer in 2011.  Pretty interesting that a rock magazine labels a country band as the best!  Hell, we'll take it!

Fact 4: Wikipedia describes them this way

   …A blend of  Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman BrothersBlack Crowes, and the Rolling Stones in the context of modern country. Michael's songwriting is rooted in such greats as Dwight YoakamTom Petty.


Fact 5:  How did they come up with this band name? They named the band after a song on their first album coincidentally called "a Thousand Horses' .

Sounds intriguing to me - how about you?

You can check out their latest song "She's Smoke" right here.