The Albany County Sheriff's Department is putting a halt to letting you know about when they'll be setting up their "Stop DWI" checkpoints.

They released an official announcement about how "unannounced saturation patrols and checkpoints are part of a heightened effort."

The Acting Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told our friends at YNN that "they could be out tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, we don't want you to know. Don’t come to our county and drink and drive."

Your best bet is to just not drink and drive. This has been the best advice for anyone, anywhere. If you are going out to do a little socializing or celebrating, and it involves tipping a few, your best bet is to have a designated driver, or maybe call a taxi. Keep in mind that not only is it against the law to drive drunk, but it may also cost someone a life. I don't think that you want that on your conscience?