A portion of the Normans Kill Creek in Albany is an area where flooding has almost always been a problem.

Rick Gershon/Getty Images

When the water rises because of extended periods of rain, or we have had some very heavy rain. There have been several landslides in area the past, but it’s been even more of a concern since a landslide that happened last month. Even though there was some work done to help ease the higher water level, many people are still worried about flooding.

The people that live in that area of the creek can get some help, thanks to some inmates at The Albany County Jail. Sand bags have been prepared for the residents near the creek, by some of the inmates at the jail. In an article in The times Union, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple mentioned that “there isn’t an immediate threat”.

In addition to making the sand bags, the inmates can put the sand bags on their property. For that, residents need to contact the Albany County Sheriff’s Office by giving them a call at 518-487-5400.