Don't you hate when people rub it in- showing you their vacation photos?  Ok, I'm not doing it for that reason.  I'm actually trying to show you that you can have a great time and not totally break the bank when you go to the Caribbean.  Here are some tings (I mean THINGS) to do, mon, when visiting Barbados, for example.



First and foremost, check out the myriad of restaurants. Some are really not that expensive, but you have to go off the beaten path.  There are many smaller places that have great ambience, are really near the water, and awesome seafood (check out the blackened flying fish, for example)

All beaches are PUBLIC, so you can walk, plop yourself down, jump in the water, look for shells -whatever!

Go into the stores and check out some of the local art.  This was taken in a shop that specialized in items made of shells.  Holy crap, I honestly enjoyed a store that didn't have electronics in it.  What's happened to me?

Do some snorkeling.  Again, not the most expensive thing in the world, especially if you buy your gear at Walmart here at home and bring it with you.  That big blob in the middle of the picture is a sea turtle, by the way.   Here's a better shot.

His head came up for air - although I think he was actually trying to score some food.

Ok, this was a little expensive.  It cost about $100/person ($200 Barbados dollars) .  Kids were about $75.00 each.  But you'll never forget a catamaran ride in the Caribbean.  The waters are indescribable.

Bonus thing to do - and it costs you nothing.  Check out the sunsets.  OMG!

As far as airfare, we (I mean Dorrie)  found flights for $400 each flying out of JFK.  So we drove there and took off.  Don't discount JFK, BTW.  They were extremely efficient taking us  through customs, and we couldn't believe how easy it was.

Want more information about Barbados?  Check out  It even tells you


What's your favorite vacation spot?  Have you found any reasonable ones?  Let us know in the comments below.