Bethlehem Police have charged a 13-year old boy with arson for a fire last week behind the Bethlehem Middle School.

The boy’s name has not been released.  He was charged, though, with felony third-degree arson, felony second-degree mischief, and third-degree criminal trespass for lighting a shed that belonged to Bethlehem Pop Warner Football on fire around 8:45pm Friday.

The boy is being placed in a juvenile detention center by Albany County Family Court, according to Bethlehem police.  Hopefully this young teen gets the help he needs to realize certain actions have repercussions.  What is going on with our youth today?  Though a motive has not been mentioned, it makes me curious as to what prompted this 13-year old to take such an action?  Maybe it was revenge of some sort or was it an accident?

What was your first guy feeling as to what might have been this boy's motive?