If you saw Zac Brown and his band perform at SPAC this summer, then you might have had the chance to attend his Eat and Greet before the show.  It's a really cool way for Zac and his band members, crew and chef, Rusty, to meet and dine with a select group of super-fans.

In the whole time I've done this job, attending Zac's Eat and Greet was one of the highlights.  It's such a great idea!  Zac and Rusty are foodies and a couple of hours before every show they share their world with their fans.

Well, apparently I'm not the only one who thinks it's cool!  CNN did a feature on the event, and there is a rumor that Rusty will be the star of a show on a quite popular food channel!  (wink, wink)

Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images