All of those flurries that have still been flying around will finally come to an end this weekend as Spring finally arrives in a big way!

Maybe like me, you woke up to the site of a little bit of snow on the ground Sunday morning. As disheartening as that was, it was gone quickly and as I watched the snow in my front yard melt away I knew in my heart a nice blast of Spring weather was right around the corner. It turns out it is on the way this weekend!

First, according to the Weather Channel, temperatures will be rising as the week goes on. We will crack 50 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, than it just gets better!

Check this out: Friday our high will be 68, and Saturday will be 75! YES!!! We will have a mix of sun and clouds both days it looks like, but hey - temps near or above 70 for a couple days? After a long, cold winter and a cold early Spring we will take it! Get out there and enjoy the warm weather this weekend!

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