Netflix is coming on stronger and stronger every day. They seem to be redefining the way we consume media.  Plus, are you having a really hard time remembering those complicated passwords? Well here's a solution that might not be too hard to "swallow."

There are plenty of new features coming to Netflix in their major software update, according to
1. People in the same household can customize their screens.  You can have your own personalized suggestions plus keep track of the shows you've already seen recently.
2. A POST Play the feature that starts the next episode of a TV show and suggests others.
Click on a show? You get a full page description of the plot (I hope they don't give away the endings).
3.  You can use your Xbox 360 as a controller.  Crazeballs (to quote Bethany).
Netflix has 31 million subscribers as we speak, and get this -  they stream 1 billion hours of video each and every month.  Talk about growth.  (Do they sell stock?)
                                        Your Password In Pill Form
Daily Antiretroviral Pill Found To Protect Healthy From AIDS Transmission
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According to Time Magazine this week, this is for real.  It's not on the market yet, but could be coming soon.  You should have a complicated password for your computer or your phone or your bank accounts.  It's a nasty world out there.  But who can remember them all.  Well, here's a quick way to do it.  You swallow a pill that has the password encoded in it and then you simply place your phone next to your stomach, and voila!!   Check out this video!
Would you ingest such a pill?  Do you think this is totally "ridic" (another Bethany term), or would you use it?  Would love to know.  Brings new meaning to the term "one a day," doesn't it?
Enjoy your holiday, folks, and make sure you hug and kiss your gadgets for me.

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