Get ready because your kids will be begging you to get the ingredients to make homemade slime. I know you are reading this thinking there is no way I would ever let my kid make slime and have it in my house. Well the next time you are in Target or Walmart, take a look around. There are huge displays of Elmer's glue along with step by step instructions of how to make the green slime.

Let me tell you that it is very difficult to tell a 5 year old, no when he sees the awesome display. I mean what kid wouldn't want to make a substance that looks like snot to antagonize the dog and his parents with?

The good news for us was that we told him he had to wait until his birthday and then maybe we would do it together as a craft project. The problem is, his 8 year old cousin made it and she showed it off to Ryan as a cool trick to get her Daddy with. Either way, I guess there are worse things he could be asking for.

Are your kids begging you to make this disgusting stuff? 


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