I feel like it’s been a few years since we were treated the list of things that made us feel “100 percent Capital Region”   Who didn’t love that list? Time for an update.  Here’s 20 new ones. It’s my 2.0  version of You Know You’re #518 If….


You still say Fox 23 and Channel 10 News. The merger blows your mind

You got confused when you saw a Billy Fuccillo ad in Florida or California

Jessica Layton is your first local news crush

You took a selfie with Bobby Flay at the track

You nominated someone to be Tulip Queen

You thought you had a legit chance with Matt Baumgartner

You remember the days when DMB concerts weren’t 90 percent high school kids

You chucked a puck at a river rats game

You’re inspired by Bailey Wind

You’ve wondered how many restaurants Angelo Mazzone could possibly own

You still hold out hope that Siena or UAlbany basketball will join the Big East

You wished Albany High and CBA still had a basketball rivalry

You remember the bamboo dance cages at Jillian's Groove Shack

You’ve had an argument about which is better: Bob and Ron’s or Ted’s Fish Fry and/or Mike’s or Gus’ Hot Dogs

You go to Price Chopper/Market 32 just to save money on gas

You remember when  Crossgates Mall wasn't about your nightlife

You know that puppies and babies are not included

You went to Rivers Casino and thought this is Schenectady?

Malta roundabouts terrified you the first few times you entered them.  And they still do

You refer to “Touchdown” Eddie Brown as the G.O.A.T.

Feel free to add to the list or comment on the 2.0 version. Surely I left a few hundred out…enjoy!

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